Enterprise Zone Reform

Enterprise Zone Reform: Gov. Brown's Good Jobs Plan for California 

With unemployment still unacceptably high in California, the state must put every available resource into the creation of good jobs that lift up our economy.  Every dime of taxpayer money must be spent wisely.

We support Governor Brown’s job-creation proposal, which invests in California’s future by stimulating growth in jobs and industries that sustain our middle class. This proposal is revenue neutral, curbing the over 30% annual growth in today’s Enterprise Zone program.  The entire program sunsets, allowing the Legislature to evaluate its performance and make any necessary adjustments.

The Governor’s three-pronged approach tackles tough issues facing our economy in a smart, strategic way.

1.      The Governor’s proposal repurposes the broken enterprise zone program to more effectively create good new jobs in areas of the state with the highest levels of unemployment and poverty.   The hiring credit is wisely targeted to those who need it most – returning veterans, the long-term unemployed and low-income individuals receiving public assistance.

2.      The Governor’s proposal also recognizes the important role manufacturing plays in California’s economy. By reinvesting in manufacturing statewide, the proposal boosts California’s competiveness and stimulates a vital sector our state needs to rebuild the middle class.  

3.      The third prong of the Governor’s proposal, the CA Competes Fund, requires companies to publicly apply and win approval for tax credits based on job creation and retention standards.  This proposal begins a new model of transparency and accountability, recognizing that job creation programs shouldn’t be shrouded in secrecy. Lawmakers will regularly be informed of the performance, ensuring the effectiveness of taxpayer dollars is maximized.

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Material found on: www.calaborfed.org 

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