Our Walmart Civil Disobedience

Our Walmart workers are standing up and speaking out about the retaliation from Walmart!  

On September 5th, we and our affiliates joined Our Walmart employees in a march and civil disobedience to call attention to the atrocities of Walmart. 

We started our march at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento and continued to march around the downtown area. As we came up to the building where one of Walmart's board members work, the Our Walmart associates started their action. 

They approached the building with thousands of signatures demanding the reinstatement of the workers who were illegally retaliated against and fired for speaking out about Walmart's mistreatment of its workers. 

When they were not allowed into the board member's office they laid the signatures at the foot of the door and began their sit-in, in protest of Walmart's treatment of its workers. 

After the arrests were made, the folks standing in solidarity with the workers marched to the Capitol where we listened to speakers talk about the courageous actions of the Our Walmart workers and condemned the viscous actions of Walmart.

Speakers included Jaques Loveall, President UFCW 8GS; Bill Camp, Executive Secretary Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Eric Sunderland, Region 3 Director California Democratic Party; Sacramento City Council Member McCarty; and Assembly Members Dickinson, Dr. Pan, and Gonzalez.

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commented 2013-10-01 21:31:06 -0700
If one wants to do an effective Civil Disobedience at Walmart, go shopping load up the carts, clear the shelves, get many friends to join you, fill up as many shopping carts as you can, mix up items from Automotive to fresh produce, from raw chicken to fertilize, paint to puppy chow. When you are finally full to the brim leave your cart anywhere in the store, go get another cart and start shopping all over again or leave the cart to be restocked.
Oh Dear, I left my wallet at home.
Remember empty shelves equals no sales. Walmart would have to hire more people just to restock.
The best part is it’s legal and costs you nothing.
Shop till you drop!!!
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