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Sacramento effort to bring food trucks to essential workers as thanks amid coronavirus

A California state senator, labor groups and a Sacramento food truck business teamed up Friday to feed hungry healthcare workers at UC Davis Medical Center who have at the forefront of the region’s battle against coronavirus.

It was the launch of a new effort called “Feeding the Frontlines,” which will serve a free lunch to different essential workers, such as those working in grocery stores, farms and warehouses on Fridays ...

This effort was done in a partnership with Sacramento Central Labor Council, the Labor Project for Working Families and SactoMoFo.

Fabrizio Sasso, executive director of the Labor Council, said people are now becoming more aware of the importance of workers in this economy, including those at UC Davis Medical Center who have been working against the coronavirus from the beginning.

“They’ve been in the trenches working non-stop to keep us healthy and safe,” Sasso said. “So, we’re here to feed them and to just show our appreciation for all the work they do.”

Sasso said a lot of workers have been overworked and afraid of exposure to coronavirus, and some companies have not provided the appropriate protective gear.

“And then there’s talk about reopening the economy, but workers must have a say on how that economy is reopened,” Sasso said.


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