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Vote No on Prop 22

By Sheri Williams

By Sheri Williams

California Labor is united in its opposition of Proposition 22 on the November ballot, an insidious attack on workers’ rights.

“Workers’ rights are always our top priority,” said Sacramento-Sierra Building and Construction Trades leader Kevin Ferreira. “Proposition 22 is anti-worker.”

The California Labor Federation said that Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash wrote Proposition 22 to create a special exemption for themselves from California law that requires app-based companies to provide basic protections to their workers.

So far, they have spent more than $180 million on Prop. 22 to boost their profits by denying their drivers’ right to a minimum wage, paid sick leave and safety protections.

“This is nothing but greedy corporations exploiting workers for profit,” said Fabrizio Sasso, head of the Sacramento Central Labor Council. “Union members won’t be fooled. We will defeat this backdoor attempt to defy the law.”

Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash paid to put Proposition 22 on the ballot, said union leaders.

“They hired lawyers to write a misleading initiative and paid political operatives millions to collect the voter signatures they needed,” the Labor Federation said.

The Labor Federation said that:

Prop. 22 is a carve-out in law that allows Uber and app companies to deny their drivers rights and protections like paid sick leave, workers compensation or unemployment benefits.

Prop. 22 exempts these multi-billion-dollar gig corporations from contributing to safety net programs we all need like Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance.

Prop. 22 makes us all less safe by eliminating safety protections for riders and drivers and any liability these wealthy companies have to consumers.

This measure threatens good, middle-class union jobs. If these companies succeed in buying this election, their low-pay, no-protection business model will expand in virtually every industry, leading to unprecedented job loss and a race to the bottom.

Prop. 22 only applies to Uber and the app companies. It is designed to maximize their profits at the expense of taxpayers and their drivers. The measure creates a competitive advantage for giant corporations that hurts workers and small family-owned businesses.

Current state law requires Uber and the app companies to provide their drivers with rights and protections, just like every other California business. The Attorney General recently sued them for breaking this law. You can help stop this power grab that hurts workers and taxpayers.

Prop 22 was written for app companies, by app companies — NOT for workers and our families.



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