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West Sacramento elects Labor candidates

By Sheri Williams

Dolores Huerta, Martha Geurrero, and Norma Alcala (Left to Right)

Labor-backed candidates for mayor and City Council in West Sacramento won in the November elections, marking a victory for working families.

Martha Guerrero, endorsed by the Sacramento Central Labor Council and the Sacramento-Sierra’s Building & Construction Trades Council, defeated incumbent mayor Christopher Cabaldon to take that office after a tough campaign that included phone banking and help from hundreds of union members.

Norma Alcala, also backed by both Labor groups, won a seat on City Council.

“I would not be standing here sharing this outcome without the amazing support of our Firefighters, the working men and women of the Sacramento Building and Construction Trades Council and Central Labor Council, National Association of Social Workers, the Democratic Party, the faith based community, the many volunteers who serve our community and on the campaign, and my wonderful neighbors turned trusted friends,” Guerrero said on social media. “I envision a city where people come together to work together…where each voice is heard, concerns are acknowledged, and decisions are made through consensus building and transparency. I envision a city where the issues central to the lives of working people are reflected in the plans we make and the progress we achieve. That is how people and businesses thrive.”

Previously, Guerrero served as a City Council member for two years, and on the West Sacramento Planning Commission from 2013 to 2016. Guerrero is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from the California State University, Los Angeles, and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California, according to her biography. She represents California’s Social Workers at the National Association Social Worker’s Board and prior to that on the Board of the NASW-CA Chapter as their Legislative and Political Affairs Vice-President.

Fabrizio Sasso, executive director of the Sacramento Central Labor Council, said Guerrero represented an important change for unions in West Sacramento. Sasso pointed out that Cabaldon did not work with the SCLC or seek its endorsements for many years. By contrast, Guerrero has a long history of protecting workers’ rights.

“We are excited to work with her and know that this means union workers in West Sacramento will finally have someone in office who understands the needs and rights of working people, especially during this pandemic,” said Sasso.

Sasso said that the Labor Council also backed winning City Council candidate Alcala, a trustee on the board of the Washington Unified School District.

“With these two leaders in place, West Sacramento is in good hands,” said Sasso.


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