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Sacramento Central Labor Council

Since 1889, through political action, worker organizing, and community engagement, the Sacramento Central Labor Council has built the power of working families and their organizations to guarantee their rights as workers to form and join unions. Our mission is to guarantee and advocate the right of every working person to participate in and exercise leadership in the Union that represents the rights of workers in their workplace. We fight to ensure that all people are treated fairly at their job with living wages, health and retirement benefits, safe working conditions, respect, and equality.

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Join us in our efforts to support working families.


COVID-19 Resources

The Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO has compiled COVID-19 crisis resources for employees. Learn about what benefits are available to help you get through this crisis.  

Unemployment Resources

If you have become unemployed or partially unemployed, you may file a UI claim via the Employment Development Department. 

If you are a union member in need of emergency food assistance, please contact your union representative to make a request. 

Sacramento Valley Union

Labor Bulletin

The Sacramento Valley Union Labor Bulletin is owned by the Sacramento Central Labor Council and the Sacramento-Sierra’s Building & Construction Trades Council.


First published on Sept. 3, 1928 – Labor Day – it is the only official AFL-CIO newspaper in the Sacramento area.

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Delegates' Forum

Welcome to the Sacramento Central Labor Council's online forum for delegates and union members. This new virtual platform, launched in 2021, is designed to bring our members closer together as we organize for the future.  

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